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New mural going up downtown in the Tulsa Arts District

A few months ago we got a call from the Arts Alliance of Tulsa about designing a new mural for the arts district. They wanted something that would communicate both the rich history of district itself as well as pay homage to all the creative events and businesses that reside therein. Needless to say we were EXCITED.

We got to work right away, brainstorming how we could showcase the arts district in a fresh and vibrant way while also representing the arts and music scene, which are such a big part of our city and that area. We ended up settling on a “birds eye” design, showing the entire district at a glance. We picked a non traditional color palette that would pull you in and make it feel almost whimsical, which, in some ways, it is. We made sure to represent Tulsa icons like the Cain’s Ballroom, Guthrie Green, the Brady Theater and even the soon to be built OKPOP Museum. We even included the HopJam Celebration, a shout out to Tulsa hometown heroes, Hanson as well as several other little nods to Tulsa community and history.

Now we aren’t quite done yet, as this particular project is a pretty hefty undertaking, but we plan to finish no later than Christmas which maybe is fitting since this mural is a gift to you all. A love letter to the city we all love so much. The mural location is right across the street from Spinster Records, on the large side wall of Caz’s Chowhouse! Come by and see our progress along the way and if you see us out there painting, make sure to say hello!